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True Dreams Radio is an independent station based in Charlotte, NC! We play music of all genres from Independent Artist, as well as New & Old School R&B. Our station averages 1,000+ loyal and unique listeners, and an ever-growing number of supporters every year. True Dreams thanks you all! We are humbled to continue this movement four years and counting; supporting artist and entrepreneurs throughout the nation. Being an independent station, we broadcast live at a plethora of venues across the country and provide full service to artists just like you. Our “Specials” page offers affordable marketing packages to build a brand and movement with our platform. Thank you for stopping by True Dreams Radio! Join the movement! booty

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#CharlotteSingles !!! Tired being #Catfished ? Looking for the perfect opportunity to meet your future King/ Queen?Well be sure to come out to Gliderz Sportsbar for “#StyleBySheena Tinder Swipe Night!!!”   Look good, feel confident and meet your crush in person!! Let’s get ready to Mix & Mingle with Singles!!! FREE Entry!! Starts at 8pm!! Hosted By: Style By Sheena !!!
Presented By: #StyleBySheena True Dreams Radio  Black Music Bingo #CharlotteSingles #CharlotteNightLife #CharlotteMixAndMingle #CarolinaSingles #CarolinaMixAndMingle #StyleBySheena #TrueDreamsRadio #SupportTrueMovement #CharlotteInternetRadio

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